This is just a demonstration, what DoubleScan is.

Its a VGA chip (any recent graphic chip/GPU if you prefer, can do that) display mode, witch is used to enable scan line doubling which means that every scanline is displayed twice. The advantage is, that the display looks nicer, because the scanlines are not that far away from each other. The smaller resolutions actually have enabled this feature, on both, ATI and nVidia cards - its true for the 320x200, 320x240, 400x300, 480x360 and 512x384 resolutions. Unfortunately, there is at the moment no option to enable DoubleScan on 640x400, 640x480 and - users of 19" and bigger CRT monitors will need it even into 800x600 resolution, to get sharp, bright, microlinesfree
- just basicaly nice picture.

Without DoubleScan, the picture looks like this:

...with DoubleScan enabled it can look like this:

I believe that the diference is quite clear (everyone can check it for yourself when setting Quake display to 512x384 - nice, thx to DoubleScan, and 640x480 - ugly, because it lack DoubleScan) and we should ask ATI and nVidia to add just a simple option to enable the possibility to enjoy beautifull picture even with resolutions like 640x480. Why this problem does not apear on, say 17" monitor and 1024x768 resolution? Because the resolution is big-enought to the pixels get close to each other, efectively minimizing the black microlines between these, and then showing nice picture. But we can get just the same quality (or even higger, because lover resolutions are generaly sharper, thanks to smaller frequencies) of picture into any resolution, when we can enable DoubleScan.

Why care about 640x480 - like resolutions at all? Because many games run their setup into this resolution, so, it should not look that ugly (for example look at the HalfLife (when you play CounterStrike a little) fonts - see the lines? Or NFS 5, or... You know.
The second very big reason is, that many and many movies are encoded 640 pixels wide. The truth is, that unscalled movie is - ofcourse - much sharper and looks realy perfect, compared to the blurred drop-dead ugly result you got when you play a 640 pixels big movie on a 1024 pixels big screen - the best way is to see the same movie not scaled and then scalled. If you have sharp eyes and a good HW, you will notice the damn big diference and want exactly what i want - play movies nonscalled and still fullscreen. Thanks to BSplayer is this possible.
We just need to enable the DoubleScan, as its done for 512x384 resolution!
Not to mention that many demos/intros using these resolutions (even 3DMark demos!) and then generaly looks ugly - whats not a fault of these ones, but a fault of driver makers, what just forget to add this possibility, fucusing too much on other, IMHO mainly 3D part, when 2D is still ugly and unfinished...

So, if you want DoubleScan also, you can support the idea by sending email to ATI and nVidia right there bellow:
(dont worry entering your name and email, we never sell/give away your informations, we hate spam as much, as you do!)
But actually, we welcome when you supporting us with new emails of ATI and nVidia empoyees =;-)
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Hello ATI and nVidia staff.

I would like to kindly ask you, if you please should add an option (or / and API function) to allow user enable DoubleScan mode, like its defaultly enabled for lower resolutions, for what resolution anyone want. (at least up to 800x600)
(as lower resolution i mean resolutions 320x200, 320x240, 400x300, 480x360 and 512x384, into witch are DoubleScan already enabled)
It's not a hard task, just a small change into drivers, and it will be a huge step for quality of display, as anyone can check for yourself, or see on this page. In fact, with older VGA chips this are just fliping one register, and it's possible on Amiga with any graphic mode user desire.

I don't see a reason, why years after on PCs with much better technology, users should miss this. There is a couple of very good resons - as anyone can read there - - why we don't want to miss the possibility to enable DoubleScan.
Therefore I, signed bellow, kindly asking you, if into the next drivers relase should be added this option.

Thank you very much for reconsidering this enhancement.

Yours customer:
(here will be added your info)

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